Rom Geves Casings & Coverings (1997) Ltd.


Rom Geves Ltd. was founded in 1991 by Assaf Mor as a company for interior finishing work. In 1997, U. Dori partnered with Rom Geves and a new subsidiary was established under the name Rom Geves Casing & Covering (1997) Ltd.
The company operates as full service general contractor and appointed contractor for all interior finishing work including, but not limited to, electricity systems, air conditioning, plumbing, clean rooms and laboratories. In addition, the company operates as a full service general contractor in offices, private homes and luxury apartments of the highest standards available in the industry today.
Members of The Israel Builders Association, Listed on The Contractors Registrar at the Ministry of Construction and Housing, ISO 9001 accredited contractor Classification: C-5 (GIMEL-5)


From its start, Rom Geves' activity has been well-known for its high quality, professional service and personal attentiveness to each customer. In addition, Rom Geves is committed to its planned schedule and operates with its sub-contractors in the utmost professional and uncompromising manner. These characteristics have remained as the company's foundation throughout the years and are the basis of its constant growth from a small company with 4 employees to the largest and leading interior finish work company in the industry today with over 175 employees.
The vast resources, complex and flexible capabilities enable the implementation of a wide - range of construction categories in various projects. The projects undertaken by Rom Geves set new standards of excellence in the overall Israeli construction industry and especially in the in the interior finish works sector. Rom Geves is based on a top experienced professional team with endless capabilities in the construction industry of today.
Rom Geves operates as the general contractor of a wide variety of customers in Israel both in the private and public sectors. Throughout the years, Rom Geves has established an extensive portfolio of luxurious projects all over Israel. These projects include: office buildings, shopping centers, movie theatres, luxury villas, medical centers, shops and exhibition centers, banks and investment firms, infrastructures, security and governmental institutions, hotels and party halls.
The size of Rom Geves and its extensive portfolio enables it to successfully carry out projects in excess of 25,000 sqm, but also attentively build smaller projects of 250 sqm.




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